Thursday, July 7, 2011

why choose connektivism?

  • we live and breathe social media
  • we know how to listen
  • we understand what it means to write for web
  • we know that an organization's ability to learn what it needs for tomorrow is more important than what it knows today
  • we know how to engage a community
  • we identify new trends daily 
  • we love challenges
  • we have experience communicating with consumers on behalf of a brand
  • we will work with you to develop a unique plan that fits your business and reflects your brand
  • we can coordinate the development and execution of global, regional and local social media programs, assets and content 
  • we build content strategies that drive engagement, clik-throughs, or whatever ultimate goal you've set for your social media marketing
  • we are not social media ninjas or gurus, but we are fun, creative and have an engaging personality
  • we SPEAK art, luxury, music, nightlife, fashion, design, photography, entertainment, fundraising, human rights, animal welfare, advertising, literature, research, architecture, anthropology and many other "languages"