Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Calling all bloggers! Win an invitation to the 'Learning to Live in a Multicultural World' Conference in Caux, Switzerland

Calling all Bloggers and video enthusiasts!

Deadline extended: June 15, 2013

Are you interested in multiculturalism? Are you an active blogger or do you feel comfortable in front of a camera? Do you want to attend the LLMW conference for free?

The 5th CAUX - Initiatives of Change conference on 'Learning to live in a multicultural world (LLMW): Building trust for action across generations' will take place from 1 - 6 August 2013 in Caux, Switzerland, and this year the organizers are offering a competition for aspiring journalists, bloggers, and video enthusiasts. 


The winning content will be featured at www.iofc.org and the winner(s) will be invited to Caux, Switzerland as guest blogger(s) to cover the week’s high-profile events together with other bloggers and social media activists. Furthermore, the winner(s) will work with Octavia Nasr, former CNN Senior Editor of Mideast Affairs and social media expert to learn how to strategize and effectively cover the conference team as a news team.

Winner(s) will not only have the opportunity to learn and engage with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but they can also join one of the nine workshops available to participants (see below).

Board and lodging are fully covered, but the winner is expected to fund his/her travel costs.

Regular participation fees are 100 Swiss Francs (CHF) per day.

Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

To enter the competition:

1. Write a blog post or record a short video addressing the following questions: What does living in a multicultural world mean to you? Why do you want to attend the LLMW conference? How can you personally contribute to building resilient and inclusive societies?

2. Publish the blog post/video (with a link to http://www.caux.iofc.org/en/2013) on your blog/YouTube, then send an email to info@connektivism.com with the link to your submission.

The submission deadline is June 15, 2013  

Note: Blog contest participants must be at least 18 years old and should be available August 1-6th, 2013. The winners will be notified by end of June.

About the Learning to Live in a Multicultural World conference:

Learning to live in a multicultural world is a conference held by Initiatives of Change which seeks to find a better vision for a more cohesive Europe through personal change. The overarching theme of the 2013 conference will be: 'Moving forward towards an inclusive multicultural Europe through Intergenerational Dialogue'. 

Content & Structure:
Thursday, 1st August: opening addresses and orientation, getting to know each other, and an opportunity to attend a gathering celebrating Swiss National Day.
Friday, 2nd August: Challenges for building resilient communities
Saturday, 3rd August: Benefitting from the power of diversity
Sunday, 4th August: Building bridges across the generations
Monday, 5th August: Personal Action
Tuesday, 6th August: Personal reflection

Facilitating Multicultural Groups
Social Change: Be the Change in Conflict
Women's Power for Inter-generational Cohesion and Inclusion
Diaspora and Family
Starter kit for Social Entrepreneurs
Anti-Discrimination and Religious Diversity
Conducting Honest Conversation
Healing the Past - Dialogue Methods
Global Citizens Impact through Social Movements

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn and engage with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures at the Learning to Live in a Multicultural World Conference!

For more information on the Learning to Live in a Multicultural World please visit: http://www.caux.iofc.org/en/learning-live-multicultural-world